YOcoin is a decentralized, peer-to- peer digital currency that enables you to easily send money online. Yocoin treats all important blockchain ledgers a variable database public database that’s maintained by thousands of independent computers as a platform on which to build secondary programs that strip out costly middleman from all forms of person to person exchange. YOcoin enable smart contracts that function without lawyers, stock exchange without central clearinghouses ,financial record keeping system that can be verified without any auditor even tamper- proof voting system that automatically guarantee one-person one-vote.


Yogold is the first yoventure which is the world's first legitimate gold backed crytocurrency. Yogold Is a Crypto-Currency On The Ethereum Smart Contract structure that is backed with physical gold.the purpose of the crypto-token is to work as a storage of funds that grows in the value based against mining . Yogold will only be traded on two exchanges which are C-CEX and Yo-Ex .

For further details on YoGold kindly visit www.yo.ventures


Pay your bills with yocoin
You can pay any bill from just about any company in the US. UK, Canada , Vietnam , India, and the most African countries
Many YoCoin and cryptocurrency fans are participating in this exciting new technology because they have grown tired with the politics and overall government control of fiat currencies and the various financial systems across the globe.
The problem with this is we all still need to pay our bills, such as rent, electricity, water, sewer, cable or satellite TV, internet, and more.
This allows you to keep your wealth stored in the cryptocurrency you love, without having to transfer in and out of fiat just to pay your bills.

For further details on YoBills kindly visit www.yobills.co


YOcoin wants to be a global cryptocurrency leader and in order to do that we must offer more services and uses than any other cryptocurrency in the World so we found it only appropriate if we had our own cryptocurrency exchange that quotes the proper value of YOcoin at any one time and allows people that own YOcoin to trade for any other cryptocurrency with ease. More features will be added shortly to Yo-Ex to make it the World�s number #1 cryptocurrency exchange.

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